Fast Dry | Brush Cleaner

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The Fast Dry Brush Cleaner is the quick, easy, and effective way to clean makeup brushes. No water, no mess. Just a few strokes of the brush in this cleansing formula and your brush will be clean, disinfected, and ready for use again. Professional makeup artists rely on this formula.

Incredible Features

  • Cleanses and disinfects brushes in one step
  • Quick drying formula
  • Delicious toffee caramel scent

How to use: Spray Fast Dry onto a tissue or cloth. Swirl brush bristles onto the dampened tissue in a circular motion for 10 seconds to remove the makeup residue. Spray a second application onto a new tissue and repeat.

Top tip: For brush bristles only. Use in a ventilated area away from heat and open flame. Only available in New Zealand.

How to store: Store away from sunlight in a cool area.

Use me with Makeup brush shampoo once a week to deep cleanses your brushes.

Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana), Distilled Water, Aromatherapy Oils.