About us

😍 It all started with a dream, and a garage.
In 2015, two kiwis with a passion for coffee ☕️ bathing 🛀 and all things delectable ✨ were looking for a way to combine the two—and create something that would make people happy! 😍
So the girl one (stephie) 👨‍🍳 who loved to make natural products said " I'm off to the garage" and started making Coffee Scrub. They just knew 🤔 it had to be better than anything else on the market: more product per packet, at a cheaper price. And that's exactly what they did ✨
They took their product to market 🏪 where it quickly gained steam among small businesses throughout New Zealand 🤝
Soon, though, big companies 😃 noticed what was happening—and they wanted in on the action! In no time at all, our scrubs and body washes were stocked by Unichem Pharmacies, Life Pharmacy stores, and even Farmers Department stores across New Zealand 😍 Unichem Life Pharmacy Hornby Farmers FarmersNz @farmersbeauty
🌎 They even started exporting to Australia, USA and even the UK.....
😢 But then there was Covid😷 ...
The pandemic hit us hard 👉 and we were forced to pivot into producing hand sanitizer instead of scrubs and body washes.
💕 Thanks to our incredible customers (you!)😍, we survived—and thrived from Covid and are busy being better than ever—we've even introduced Moodbare Candles 🕯️ Our business has always been about making people happy, being kind and being generous 😍
And that's how came to be!
😀 Stephie