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Bonbodi - Want a little extra?


Each product is formulated with 28+ botanicals, essential oils and superfood ingredients, our range is active and concentrated yet gentle on sensitive skin, ensuring every wash, scrub and oil makes your skin happy and healthy from head-to-toe. 

  • Kindness!

    Just like you, we believe our fur friends deserve to live happy, wholesome lives. No cruelty is welcome here. Made with care and kindness, our products are consciously formulated without harming, testing-on and involving animals.

  • Delight!

    Showering you with delight.

    We’re not just here to buff you. We’re here to delight you. Formulated with invigorating scents and luxurious oils, our purpose is to delight your skin, your senses and your every day through the simple pleasure of showering. 

  • New Zealand !

    Made right here, by us in New Zealand. Using local ingredients and packaging. To bring you a fresh deliveries of your fave shower and body products.