About us

Hey! There is a reason why we do what we do, and that reason is you!

We know that feeling your "best happy self" is so much easier when you start and finish your day in a feel good way! 

Life feels tricky for lots of people, there is pressure to “live your best life” but how right? Life really is, lots of little precious moments, all stacked together. 

One thing we know, is that if you feel good, you show up in your relationships and life as your best self, which all add up to a yummy happy and fulfilled life to be proud of. 

How do we know all of this, "We know this, because it’s true for us too". 

That is why we have spent 5+ years formulating and perfecting our Body Wash Whips and products to bring happiness to 1000s of fans in New Zealand and all around the world, putting joy into each of our fans days!

You have a window of opportunity, first thing in the morning and before bed at night, to enjoy a yummy, feel-good luxurious shower, to get your feeling refreshed, and to put a big smile on your face. 

Try it for yourself, choose a yummy body wash whip, buttery and luxurious, and add some super yumminess into your day.

Don’t keep struggling each day, don’t just shower, have an uplifting enjoyable “Feel-Good Shower” and give yourself a head start each day. 

Self- care starts here -“Best Happy Self Plan"

  1. Find your fave or shop the range and pick yourself a yummy body wash whip to start and end your day with
  2. Get excited to receive your parcel
  3. Get up 30mins to an hour earlier and start really enjoying your morning time, make it a ritual.

We don’t want you to keep struggling every day, get yourself feeling good each and every day. 

  • Proudly New Zealand made
  • Handcrafted in Whakatane
  • Formulated and made in-house
  • 100% Vegan cruelty-free, PETA & NZAVS approved
  • Plant-based, luxury ingredients

    Hi! Stephie Peacocke & Josh Edlin

    Founders of the bonbon factory

    We are passionate about manufacturing products to make your customer feel good and to craft a New Zealand business to make you proud.

    This is Josh proudly flying Stephie to Taupo when he had just learnt to fly


    We started in our garage 5 years ago 

    • We started with Coffee scrub, with no money to market it, we had to make it: Yummier, with better ingredients and value than other products on the market, so fans would drive demand, and they did!
    • Each product in the range had to meet the same criteria as above.
    • Retailers started to hunt us out and we were stocked retailers throughout the country .
    • We quickly became a sought after kiwi brand, within a year we had moved to a new factory and grew bigger and within months had to move again and again

    there are loads of reasons to feel proud of stocking Bonbon.