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About us


You're awesome when you're at your best -- you shine, you're in love, and you've got confidence to go after your dreams -- but it's hard to get excited when you're down.
You ask, why do we care about this? 'Cause that's also true for us."
Then we Kiwis came up with a brilliant idea! Josh and Stephie wanted to build a company that created happy, uplifting moments every single day, that made you feel good, so you could live a more fulfilled and meaningful life. So that's what we're gonna do!
Our plant-based Whipped Body Wash, scrubs, and other body care products are delightful and satisfying because we've spent 5 years formulating, testing, and improving the perfect recipe. We have won the hearts of tens of thousands of fans!
We strive to create a perfect start and end to your day with Bonbon. When you wake up or go to bed, you'll be ready to make the best of life's little fun moments.
Give yourself more opportunities every day to be your best-self by taking a refreshing "Feel-Good Happy Shower."


Hi from Founders Stephie Peacocke & Josh Edlin

Stephie Peacocke Josh Edlin
As New Zealanders, we love to support our country by providing plant-based ethical products that will benefit both the people of New Zealand and the rest of the world.

How The Bonbon Factory started


Six years ago, we started the company in our garage 

Originally, we created the coffee scrub, but we did not have marketing money, so we had to make it better, more effective, and cheaper--so people would buy, and they did.

Since each product had to meet the same requirements to be considered, we love them all! 

Several retailers inquired about our products and soon we had them in stores all over the country.

The brand quickly gained a following among Kiwis. 
With no end in sight, we moved into a new factory within one year and grew bigger. In a matter of months, we moved again and again.

Today, whipped body washes are in high demand, and we are distributing them to everyone who loves them!

    • Proudly New Zealand made
    • Handcrafted in Whakatane
    • Formulated and made in-house
    • 100% Vegan cruelty-free, PETA & NZAVS approved
    • Plant-based, luxury ingredients