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Why the change babe?

Why the change babe?

Hi lovelies, it is Stephie here. I wanted to fill you in on why we needed to make some changes to our range, ok without further ado.. 

Why the changes:

Bonbon started 5 years ago in my garage; we had no money for marketing, just a Kiwi idea to treat customers kindly, and to make them the best shower and bath treats to make their lives feel so much better! If we could do that, our customers would share their love for Bonbon and this is how we would grow, on love alone! ❤️  

Skip forward 4 years and here we are, with lovely staff with families to look after, an amazing factory, a big range that is loved but was looking very messy on the retailers shelves.

"We didn't know how to plan a brand, let alone a retail shelf! Things were a mess out there and nothing made sense, it was a mishmash. We were trying new things and confusing everyone in the process".

After Covid, we were lucky enough to get some sessions with KPMG to do a deep dive on our business, branding etc. We did customer surveys, they helped us with customer data, took a deep dive into our products and processes, and ... I was mortified to hear the results! We had a lot to do to get our wee brand in line in lots of areas, but the area that hit my in the heart the most was hearing what some customers, who didn't know Bonbon, had to say.

Here is a wee selection of consumer feedback 🙈

  1. Your stand looks like it's for babies
  2. It looks too busy, what even is all that stuff
  3. Nope, not for my wife, it looks like it's for kids
  4. We can't tell it's Kiwi made, I wouldn't try it myself
  5. Those sprinkles on the whips look weird

And that's only a sample of the comments. 😒 Not to mention all of other hard stuff I had to face, like how Covid effected ingredients and packaging, prices had gone through the roof and securing supply became tough.

"To say things are an opportunity in disguise, felt like a stretch"

So enough sulking, sitting still was not an option. I had to dig deep and make some big decisions, something had to change to bring this Bonbon into the aligned, happy Kiwi brand I had imagined!

So I got a hold of Kirsty, my graphic designer, our team got together and Josh my business partner and I pulled apart the facts, the products, the processes and we faced up to reality. If we were going to meet the goal of being a Kiwi brand to be proud of, we needed lift our game and be spectacular. 

  1. Brand makeover - find all of our best sellers, make them shine
  2. Make our range more gorgeous and happy, cleaner, simpler and fresher.
  3. Less is more and some of my babies had to go in order for us to deliver a cleaner, more understandable and irresistible range
  4. Have a clear customer in mind, brand properly and stick with it 
  5. Focus on bringing happiness to each shower and day of our customers
  6. All so our lovely customers (you included of course!) know exactly what they are buying and feel good when popping it up on their shower caddy 
We know some products will be missed, it has been really tough, plus you have not heard much from me because I had to go into creating mode and its been so so busy. I just hope you can see how much care has been put into each product we offer now.
We are in love with our products and what we offer, honestly we could not be happier to have gone through this tough process - proud does not even come close to how I feel!
And when you visit a retailer, you see the love we have pouring into Bonbon - calling you to take care of yourself first.
Lots of love,


If you are keen to try something new or in pretties packaging, here is a Free Shipping Coupon babe, and it gives you 10% off Code = fallinlove

The Bonbon Factory - New Range




It all looks great! Only thing I’m sad about is the unicorn fluff 😢 That was my go to for birthday presents for kids! Will miss the cute colours

Emily Johns

Love the new look, you have to evolve as a brand I feel? And Bonbon factory does it so well! I honestly LOVE the Bonbon stands when I go into the chemist. I don’t feel like it’s messy. To me, it’s like Christmas! :) Im sure I’ll love the new one too. SOOO many goodies, that look and smell amazing. I think your new direction is awesome! It looks clear, and will be easy for anyone to shop! I’ll always be a supporter no matter what! Even when you go through the changes! My partner loves the mechanic scrub, so awesome that it’s staying wooo 😀 I also loved the Healing Balm and Hush Bunny(helps me sleep soo much, but I’ll try anything you bring out even if it ends up not staying! Your brand is one of a kind and makes people feel special. That’s the difference! :) Emily

Stepahnie Peacocke

Hi Adam, I hear you, the Healing balm will be no longer however the Mechanics Scrub is going in a new container and is about to be launched, we love that product too :) Stephie


Hi there, first I’d like to congratulate you on making some brave changes, unfortunately for me both of the products I use now seem to have been cut. The mechanic scrub and healing palm..? Being a welder/fabricator and being vegan is challenging and those products were really great for washing up and any burns and cuts I got at work. I’d even got half a dozen non vegan mates on board with the scrub,
My partner, daughters and I will still buy your products of course, just gutted the man stuff got the chop but I totally understand haha, I also really like the new display


I love your products I think they’re absolutely amazing. They sleep good, feel good, and look good. Like I seriously love how they look. So cute !!

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