Hush Bunny and Healing Balm are Staying

Hush Bunny and Healing Balm are Staying

Hey babes, it's Stephie here. 

We have had a meeting and we have been overwhelmed with requests to keep these two products in production, so we have decided to make them and stock them online for you, babe. 

I just didn't realise how loved they were!

Hush Bunny: I invented this when I was dealing with horrid anxiety and fear of flying, such a luxurious product. I will find a new pot for her.

Healing Balm: Wow, this product has been with us for 4 years, it's packed with healing oils and vegan ingredients. It used to be called "Healing Balm for Man and Beast" I am actually excited to continue this little baby! I will find him a new pot too.

We just need to work out some new packaging, stay tuned.

Lots of Love,
Stephie x

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Hi there! Will you be bringing back the hush bunny balm?


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