News and confession time with Stephie

News and confession time with Stephie

Hey cutie, so, I have some exciting news to let you in on and I also have something a little awkward I have to confess.

First the news, I'm excited to tell you that I'm bringing you two new offerings next year. For the past 2 years I've been developing a range of high end, gorgeous products that target either life or skin concerns, and it's going to rock your world.

In late January, we're preparing to do a trail run in Farmers top stores (more details to come). It's packed with high performance botanicals - and it's delicious! 

The second range will launch not too long after that. Oh, I want to tell you so much, but you will just have to wait, do you want a hint? "Luxurious"

Now for a little confession, you see I do the majority of the posts and product labels etc. For The Bonbon Factory, and I have dyslexia. 

It's difficult for me to write or read as my mind actually sees words as they are to me, and it's challenging to describe myself in writing. I used to really beat myself up about it, but now, I just take my time and do my best.

I'm a great storyteller, and I can captivate an audience with my stories out loud, but writing them, that's another story. 

My AI (artificial intelligence) has been helping me find improvements to what I write for the past two months.

Every day, people tell me something I wrote isn't right or spelled wrong. It was time to admit it to you, I hope you don't think any less of me.

When I write posts, labels, messages, emails, I put a lot of time and effort into them. Consequently, I waste so much time and have thrown out so many labels because of my mistakes.

Nevertheless, I try my best because I want you to have a great Bonbon experience. I have found that people are forgiving, sometimes they are mean, but you just fix your mistake, and all is forgotten (fingers crossed).

Anyway, I am so excited to start the new year, I have so many ideas on how to help you feel amazing!!

Leave a comment if you can relate or have noticed :)

Loads of love and thank you for reading x

Stephie ceo

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Love your work! I’ll spell check for you any day – as long as you keep creating your fabulous products- my personal favorite Mango peach oil – especially awesome at this time of year here in Whakatane and using our amazing beach Coastlands round the corner from your factory… Merry Christmas Queen xxxxx


Oh you beautiful thing xx I’ve never been able to tell .. don’t think of it as something to admit or feel ashamed of .. you are you and you are wonderful just the way you are xx .. u know where I am if I can ever be of help but you do absolutely amazing just the way you are x


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