I should have stopped at the beginning

I should have stopped at the beginning

It's a good thing I'm not superstitious, because yesterday was not my lucky day.

I started off by leaving my phone at home, which should have been a sign that things were going to go down hill from there. But no—I had been prepping for this day for a week, and I had it all organized.

Well, I modified a machine to help me pour just the right amount of wax to fill the candles, I was feeling super confident and pumped, 30 candles in, the hose shot off the end and sprayed hot wax all over the making area. I finally got it stuck back on, but now I only had one hand to work with and wax was everywhere. Anyway, I need not have worried as in no time at all the wax had gone hard in the hose and in the machine, it stopped functioning.

By now, my giant pot of melted scented wax needed to be poured, like right now—and so I get our next fancy tool that pours nice and easy… and bang, the spring breaks on that! Wax was going everywhere! Then visitors called in and I could see the puzzelled look on their facese— when I looked in the bathroom mirror later, I realised I looked like "something about Mery" with wax all over me!

Finally I finished pouring lids on all those candles and cleaning up after myself—but by 6pm!! What a crazy day
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