Hush Bunny and Healing Balm are Staying

Hush Bunny and Healing Balm are Staying

Hey babes, it's Stephie here. 

We have had a meeting and we have been overwhelmed with requests to keep these two products in production, so we have decided to make them and stock them online for you, babe. 

I just didn't realise how loved they were!

Hush Bunny: I invented this when I was dealing with horrid anxiety and fear of flying, such a luxurious product. I will find a new pot for her.

Healing Balm: Wow, this product has been with us for 4 years, it's packed with healing oils and vegan ingredients. It used to be called "Healing Balm for Man and Beast" I am actually excited to continue this little baby! I will find him a new pot too.

We just need to work out some new packaging, stay tuned.

Lots of Love,
Stephie x

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Any chance you are bringing the Hush Bunny pillow spray back?? It’s a massive part of my sleep routine! 🙏🏼


Hi there i was introduced to the hush bunny pillow spray as i have autism and need a few different things to calm me before bed, i really found that the spray was my main source of relaxation, the smell was perfect for me. Are you bringing this back?? I camnot find anything else i like and am saving the last few centimetres of it for when i need it most, would love to be able to make it part of my daily routine again :(

Georgia O'Sullivan

Hiya!!! Im just wondering when Hush bunny will be back thank you 💓

Melissa Guckert

When is this coming back?! 🫣 absolutely loved this soooo much years ago I’m dying to get my hands on it again. And your mocha face scrub is amazing!


Hi there! Will you be bringing back the hush bunny balm?


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