Time to dig deep

Hi babe, we have just had the news that we have another week at level 4. As I take in this news, I can’t help but think of all our entrepreneurial women and men out there living with such uncertainty, how concerned you may be right now, or the fears around how the job market will look, and what the future holds.  No matter if you work in a business, or you have a business, or were thinking of starting a business one day,  things are feeling very worrisome right now.

I’ve been thinking how I can help you, what i can contribute, and although I don’t have a magic wand I do have compassion and understanding and i have been through some really really rough times in my life. These rough times include losing everything, being without a home for a little while, having to accept food from the foodbank to feed my children and almost giving up.  I know how it feels  to not be able to sleep at night with fear, worry and concern about the future, money and what will be.

The truth is we can’t control any of those things as much as we want,  this is probably why it feels so horrid. When we are able to have some control things we feel wonderful,  It feels like we are moving forward,  in a direction we desire. But Right now,  it’s hard to take any action and it’s frustrating.

One of the things I learnt from my rock bottom was, that the more you stare at that rock bottom the worse everything gets or seems, if you just lift your head up and imagine something wonderful emerging from that depth, some great life that you truly deserve, somehow it begins to form and amazing things can happen, your life can be transformed one day at a time, if you have the courage to continue and to be brave.

I have learnt that we can control the way that we show up, we can control our attitude, that we decide the meaning we put to things  and this then becomes how we feel about them. We have the choice to define the occurrences in our lives as either great tragedies or the very things that make our lives true adventures worthy of telling our grandchildren about.

So i have a challenge for you, if you’re facing these struggles right now, is to search inside yourself and find that other gear you never knew was there, ask your heart interesting curious questions like “what could this extra time mean for me” “what is the gift in this situation”  let something really good evolve out of this , find the hidden meaning, that little gem that can transform everything.  I know you can do it, I know this is not the end of your dreams,  I know it’s just the beginning of a new exciting yet challenging chapter for you in your life, win or lose.. you must fight on!

Together we ride at dawn!

So how I can help you this week:

  1. I will be doing a nightly post of an inspiring quote to help us get through,  focusing on building strength for the future and to help keep us focused on moving into this new gear and heading into next week with full steam ahead in a positive attitude.
  2. I will encourage you and all of us to stick together, let’s take care of each other, let’s be kind and encouraging like never before because right now it really matters now is when you make your big decisions of what it’s gonna look like.
  3. I will be available via email if you need some support, it will be confidential, real and I will be kind to you. stephie@thebonbonfactory.com

You have a second chance whatever you are planning now you can plan it even better!

I have your back and i send you my love.



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