The Truth / Manufacturing in a recession

Yes I know I should be positive all the time, and mostly I am but these couple of weeks have been particularly tricky.  What service would I be doing all the wonderful peeps who dream of being in business or who are in business at this time if I was not honest?

You see you can’t have it all good all the time, I love this ride of life and business and I encourage anyone else who is into business to develop the same feeling.

Here are 3 of the biggest challenges we are facing right now, are you ready?

  1. It seems like all of my suppliers have decided to add 10 to 15% onto the prices from shipping to ingredients and  packaging, the entire lot seem to have gone up and we are meant to somehow absorb this in a recession, when we know you at home are struggling too.  We are even facing a rent increase of 10%+ . The thing is I know it’s not just us, lots of businesses are feeling it too. ACTION TAKEN  a) We have reduced our staff down to a minimum, this was so hard to do but necessary, when things improve we will expand our workforce. b) We are cutting back our costs wherever we can – frugal would be the word  of the day.
  2. We were about to launch a new range, this is a bit scary now as we don’t know what the next 3,6 or 9 months + will look like, will retailers be taking on new ranges? Who knows.  Do we wait or do we forge ahead.. who knows ACTION TAKEN Following my intuition and preparing everything to be ready, when we can we will.
  3. Couriers, couriers and couriers. No matter how fast and kind we are, these courier delays are kicking our butts right when we need our customers to have super fast delivery. It is breaking my heart, I don’t understand why they did not plan for this. ACTION TAKEN Hanging in there, making sure parcels leave us as quickly as possible and communicating.

So there you have it, who said business was a walk in the park? Not me that is for sure.  Have I been through worse? YES!! 

Once I lost everything, and I owed IRD $78,000 and that was not all of it, I had so much debt due to a business failing and my partner at the time having liver failure. Anyway to cut a long story short, I was driving one day to my sons rugby practice and my phone rang, a private number, but I got brave, pulled over and answered my phone.  It was the IRD and I had that horrid feeling of omg what now, and the lady on the other end of the phone said these words to me:

We have reviewed your case, and in light of the circumstances we have waived your $78,000 debt. It is no longer owed.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I could not believe it, I still can’t till this day, that period in my life left me with deep wounds around safety that I still work through to this day but I know this much….

Life can change in an instant!

Share your experience, what are you facing right now?