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Brush Cleansing Pad – No Packaging

Use alongside your Bonbon makeup brush shampoo for a deep cleanse. Colour = Black

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4 reviews for Brush Cleansing Pad – No Packaging

  1. Sherilyn Webb

    Hi Girls I just want to say a big thank you to Bossy Cosmetics for my Makeup Brush Shampoo and Brush Cleansing Pad. The antibacterial shampoo smells amazing vanilla & coconut my brushes are smelling so clean. The Cleansing pad makes for easy cleaning I feel it gets right into the bristles to get all the left over makeup out. This will defiantly help with lengthening the life of my brushes and as a qualified beauty therapist I understand how important it is to look after your brushes and making sure there clean. I highly recommend these products to everyone out there using makeup brushes you won’t regret it. It’s an great investment xx

  2. Tarsh

    Fun and easy, this worked really well on all my brushes.

  3. Keri

    I have the pink brush cleansing mat.
    It’s has cute designs on the mat which are functional. Half and half for 1 deep cleansing and 2 rinsing. Wow.
    Now I used this as soon as I received it and I put it to the test with some already owned brushes that were dirty, I didn’t clean them as I was waiting for the cleansing set to arrive. Let me tell you I wish I took a photo of before and after. I washed my liquid foundation brush which had been washed twice before with my own cleansing home routine but it hadn’t cleaned out all the foundation and I thought that my brush was stained for life. Not so upon using the Bossy shampoo and mat it moved the foundation clear off not just the foundation that had been just used but the stained foundation aswell it lifted right off and my brush looked as new as the day I bought it. My mouth was in awe and I’m amazed how well the cleansing treatment worked. Wow. Then to follow up the scent left on my brushes was awwww so beautiful. Like I want a candle that fragrance and scents the whole house…….
    I’m in love with set and I was wanting to buy a Sigma cleansing set and brush stand but no need now. I’m convinced that this brand is of high standards and deserves great reviews for the service and product quality.
    Bossy is the boss at Cosmestics brushes&brush cleansers….

  4. Lutece

    I have 2 brush cleaning mats and use them every time I wash my brushes, the cute grooves help remove all of the makeup buildup in your brushes and they get cleaned alot faster compared to using your hand. I no longer get wrinkly fingers from using my hand as a brush cleaning pad. I highly recommend these 🙂 Teamed with the brush cleaner theyre a match made in heaven <3

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