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Bounce Hair Mask

Crafted with Coconut, Shea butter, Argon oil and Tangerine.

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If your hair is damaged or frizzy or if it’s moisture you lack, once you try me darling you’ll never look back.


Coconut Oil | Nourishing and strengthening
Shea Butter | Restoring and moisturising
Tangerine | Treats a dry, dandruff prone scalp
Rosemary | Stimulates hair growth
Peppermint | Improves hair cell production

HOW TO USEĀ Soften between hands & apply to dry hair. Work mask into the hair from the ends to the scalp. Leave for between 15 – 30 minutes. Double shampoo to remove the oils then condition.

TOP TIP Make sure you double shampoo to effectively remove the hair mask before conditioning.

USE ME WITH Boho Shampoo and Conditioner bars for gorgeous, nourished hair.

HOW TO STORE Store away from sunlight in a cool area.


14 reviews for Bounce Hair Mask

  1. Samantha (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with this product, I have long, thick hair, and quite a bit of it. This stuff makes my hair feel soft and amazing between washes. It smells SO good, the scent stays with your hair after washing as well which is a bonus.
    Im very happy with this and buying more back ups as I type this. It is helping me save my long, thick, heat and chemical damaged ends. another win for bossy cosmetics

  2. adela (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE this! Used it last night for the first time and its a dream. It smells so heavenly whilst applying and even once washed out. My hair is super soft today and was really easy to style. Thanks so much Steph!

  3. Shannon (verified owner)

    Oh my gravy. This is a gorgeous wee thing. It smells absolutely amazing. It melts easily in your hands and spreads easily. Comb through after every tiny bit of product as it will spread it out and you won’t need heaps of product. It leaves my hair greasy but once rinsed out my hair isn’t overly bouncy, but it is nice and soft!

  4. mallomiss (verified owner)

    I’m in LOVE!!!!
    It smells delish! Almost like white chocolate…. Leaves the whole house smelling yummy!
    It glides into hair easily and spreads well with a good comb through.
    I have left this on for 30 mins, a few hours & over night – all produce beautiful results after washing out.
    My hair was silky and shiny. Not as fluffy as usual.
    I can’t say if it has actually improved the condition of my hair as I’m constantly doing things to damage it.
    But I will use this Mask as long as it’s available!

  5. Bonnie (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. It’s amazing my hair feels so soft and is less frizzy as normal and that’s only after one use. Will Def be repurchasing.

  6. Nicole (verified owner)

    LOVE IT!!!!! I have very thick hard to manage hair which I straighten. It has made my hair easier to manage. Will buy again for sure

  7. Nikki (verified owner)

    AMAZING stuff. A little goes a long way. Even makes hair easier to straighten. Highly recommended

  8. Charlotte (verified owner)

    This is my new holy grail! I use this every time before washing my hair and my hair is so beautiful and manageable now, no frizz whatsoever! I love this product!!

  9. Kirsty (verified owner)

    When I first tried this hair mask I was a little over zealous with it without realising that it was super hydrating. Second attempt has seen a much better result. The problem I had was that I was putting it too close to my roots and the hair shaft was absorbing too much and it resulted in an oily mess at the top. So be wary this is super strong and highly effective so only apply to your tips and about half way up, let the hair soak it up from there and you will end up with a fluff free, frizz free, super soft and strong hair that shines for days.

  10. Alissa

    Love this stuff! The smell is incredible. It makes a great hair mask (watch the video on how to use). But I also use it – very sparingly – as a product to scrunch through my curly frizzy hair – makes it go all nice and curly. Will definitely buy again.

  11. Helen (verified owner)

    In love with this product the smell is amazing and my dry, damaged hair is on the mend. Great product.And a little does go a long way.

  12. laura (verified owner)

    I absolutly love this product!!! i have blond highlights and my ends get so dry and knot very easily , the hair mask puts so much moisture back into my hair it looked like id just been to the salon after only two applications. Love, love, love

  13. Dallas (verified owner)

    Eeek, this is good stuff!! I use a generous amount and distribute it all through my hair just avoiding my roots. It smells divine and makes my hair feel so healthy and nourished. The price point is very reasonable and the product will last a long time even with regular use as it’s a very good sized container. Highly recommend to give your hair some extra TLC.

  14. Amanda (verified owner)

    I just used this product for the first time last night and my hair is super soft and bouncy this morning! A little goes a long way too, which makes it great value. I put it all through my long curly fine hair, clipped it up for half an hour the washed out with great results! I follow the Curly Girl method (sulphate and silicone free products) so was keen to see if this made a difference. It does! Will be shouting it from the rooftops to my fellow Curly Girls.

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