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Vanilla & Caramel Scented Hand and Surface Sanitiser | Pack with Refill 40ml +40ml Refill

Vanilla & Caramel Scented Hand and Surface Sanitiser | Pack with Refill 40ml +40ml Refill

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This hand and surface sanitiser, imbued with the intoxicating scents of vanilla and caramel, is so much more than your average sanitiser. Expertly crafted in New Zealand, it's designed to be your go-to protection, whether at home, in the office, on the move, or any place where cleanliness is crucial.

Key Features:

🛡️ High-Performance Formula: With a potent 69% alcohol concentration and the protective power of Vitamin E, it effectively eliminates 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria, including E. coli, Salmonella and S. aureus.

🌸 Soothing & Pleasurable: This sanitiser not only does the heavy lifting of killing germs but also delights your senses with its warm vanilla and caramel scent.

⚡ Fast-Acting, No Water Needed: This formula dries quickly, leaving no residue, and no need for water or rinsing.

📦 Convenient & Portable: This 40ml + 40ml refill sanitiser is the perfect size for on-the-go, and it comes with a handy refill pack.

Suggested Uses:

This sanitiser works wonders on hands, supermarket trolley handles, door handles, steering wheels, phones, keys, and any surface where contamination might be a concern.

How to use:

Hands: Mist onto palms, rub hands together until dry. No need for water.

Caution: Avoid inhaling. This product is a hand and surface sanitiser, not a perfume.


69% Alcohol, Aqua, Glycerin (Glycerol), Vitamin E (Dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate), Fragrance.

Embrace cleanliness and delight your senses with our Vanilla & Caramel Scented Hand and Surface Sanitiser - Your portable shield against germs and bacteria. 🌼🌿

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