Morning Self Love Routine / Breast Massage

Breast Massage Routine

As the end of the year draws to a close and we start thinking about ways we can take better care of our bodies next year, perhaps starting a new exercise routine to stay in shape, well I have a different idea for you, in fact it is one that has changed my life.  What if you added in a self-care practice that connected you to your good feeling feminine power… focusing on your breasts, crazy? I think not.

Our breasts  are our primal centers of emotions, feelings, nourishment and love. Many women including myself have learnt to disengage from our bodies from an early age, we have been getting messages from the media about the ideal body size and shape. And if we feel like we don’t measure up (who does) – we start to disconnect from our bodies, when we disconnect from our bodies we can go numb 🙁  sound familiar?

Today I wanted to share with you my Daily Breast Care Routine that helps me breath into my feminine energy, makes me feel beautiful, stokes my feminine fire to face the day and makes me feel strong & alive!

I have found that self-breast massage is healing on so many levels. It helps to harmonize our  hormones, it can ease pre-menstrual tension, it is interesting to note that our breasts consist mainly of fat tissue and fat tends to store a lot of toxins, it helps keep them healthy by releasing these toxins, increases sexual energy, fills your breasts with enough loving feminine energy that can project love where-ever you go.

It is interesting to remember that our emotions are felt in our hearts, our hearts are closely connected to our feminine  breasts. Ancient physicians in china believed that breasts are an extension of our hearts, and that they not only housed our deepest emotional wounds but they also housed your greatest capacity for love naww

Breasts come in such a variety of size, shape and colour, and they are a great starting point for women to love our bodies and to fall back in love with ourselves. And we all know that the most beautiful woman are not necessarily the ones we see int eh media, they are the ones we meet and they shine self love from every pore.

Breast Massage Routine – 5mins +

Here’s what you will need: Your sweet hands, Big Beautiful Coconut Oil or a massage oil, 5 minutes to yourself (best to do before others rise in your house), a loving mind and if you want some candles. A place where you feel safe, will not be disturbed and is comfortable. I like to lit a candle and an incense in my room to honor myself as a woman.

  1.  Take off your top and free your breasts and let them breathe.
  2. Rub your hands together to warm them up and as you are doing this imagine sending warm feelings of love into your hands as you smile into them.
  3. Start tapping your chest lightly with your fingertips, then the sides of your neck and the space just behind the collar bone. Sending love to all of those places.
  4. Now your some oil on your hands and warm it up, start by cupping your breasts and running your hands around them. Starting at the base of the breasts and bringing your hands up the inside, over the top and down the sides of your breasts. Imagine you are rubbing love into your breasts and you breath deeply. Breast Massage
  5. You can also add a little Yoni (Vagina) squeeze while you are doing this to increase your feminine energy.
  6.  Lift the breast tissue away from the chest wall and roll your breast between your hands. Work also in opposite direction so you access different areas.
  7. And to finish off the first side hold your breasts and send love into them.
  8. Feel free to improvise, maybe you will come up with some techniques of your own. Just do what feels good.
  9. Massaging our nipples activates our endocrine system and aids in production of lubrication in our yoni. So yes, take time to play with your nipples, try lightly squeezing them and gently twisting.

As you practice your daily breast massage you’ll notice that you begin to love your breasts and body more. You’ll see that they respond to touch differently, they become more sensitive, they may grow and become more firm. You will find yourself connecting to your own heart in times when extra love and energy are needed.

You are a beauty, and you deserve to feel good. Give yourself the gift of self love, try it for at least a week and see how you feel.

Love Stepahnie


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