Bonbon Bubblegum Room Mist

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Bubblegum room mist Bubblegum-scented happiness is just a spray away with Bonbon's popular Bubblegum room mist. Whether you're wanting to freshen up your home, linens, or car, this room mist is a must-have for anyone who wants their space to smell like a delicious candy shop!

Incredible Features

  • Freshens up your home, linens, or car
  • Delicious candy shop scent
  • Popular product

Our Users Love Us

"This stuff is amazing! My car smells like a candy store now!" - Candy Lover

"I love coming home to my house smelling like bubble gum!" - Bubble Gum Addict

        • Directions: Shake before use. Mist areas that need a little freshening up.

          Top Tip: Mist the tube of your toilet roll for lasting room freshness. Use as often as needed

          How to store: Store with the lid on and use within 24 months.

        • Ingredients: Aqua, Fragrance, Polysorbate 20